The Xmas Goose!

We’re proud to bring you our first Christmas song.. it’s a dark witty tale of geese and greed.

We asked Chandy to explain where the idea for the lyrics came from:

The “inspiration” for the Christmas Goose song is the credit crunch…. It so happened that the melody for the song popped into my head about the same time that I was writing a report on financial markets (specifically the impact of new technology) for work…  the more I read, the more I realised how bizarre the financial world is – computers buying and selling shares in millionths of a second without any kind of human intervention.

The entire financial system suddenly seemed like a big monster of our own creation. So the goose is a metaphor for the “market” as a whole –
we’ve fattened it up to make ourselves rich, but now it is devouring everything in sight! 

Christmas Goose